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Training the Paso Fino Horse

Horse & Barn CollageWe prefer to focus primarily on the communication between the Paso Fino horse and the rider. We believe that the horses must be willing, and comfortable under saddle in order for them to reach their full potential in the showring. Each horse is an individual athlete, and as such requires different attention... much like human athletes. The horses do not have a set routine, as each day is unique. One day a horse may require 30 minutes work, and then the next day, 2 hours. Daily training depends on what the horse feels like when we get in the saddle. We like to give the horses variety in their training.

Horses, like young children in school, bore easily. At times working them outside on the trails, sometimes in the round-pen, and often with other horses provides the horse with new stimuli. Socialization among horses is a very important stage of their training. Teaching the horse to continue to concentrate when placed in a distracting, foreign environment is essential preparation for the showring.

Above all, we work hard on creating a good working relationship between trainer, owner and each individual horse. Communication is the key to success in any partnership. Quality feed, vitamin supplements, expert hoof care, and consistent professional training is our formula for a successful show horse. As a result the horses trained at Stone Gables Farm are calm and easy to handle on the ground... spirited, but well behaved under saddle. Through repetitive exercise the horses are evenly flexible, and supple on both sides of their body just as any athlete should be.

The Paso Fino Horse has the reputation for being a pleasure to ride. We work hard everyday to maintain this standard, and improve on it at every level.